Spelling Bee winners go on to county

The Junior High Regional Spelling Bee was held at South Fork High School last Tuesday, Feb. 12. The first and second place finishers will go on to compete at the next level in the county bee on March 9 in Eureka.

Aaron Etherton, a 7th grader from Redway School took first place and Izaac Young, a seventh grader from Whitethorn Elementary took second place.

photo caption:

Regional spelling bee winners, left to right: Mike Carter, 7th grade, Whitethorn; Gabe Malley, 7th grade, Casterlin; Izaac Young, 7th grade, Whitethorn (second place); Aaron Etherton, 7th grade, Redway (first place); Connor Olson, 7th grade, Redway; Jasmine Knostman, 7th grade, Redway; and Korry Day, 7th grade, Redway.