Take your truck tricks to Oakland

To the Editor:

I wish Caltrans would do something about the ding-dong who is constantly tearing up all the grassy intersections along the Avenue of the Giants. At Sylvandale, Maple Hills and Myers Flat and all the turnouts in between, this idiot churns it into mud.

I would think a few well-placed boulders would do the trick. Mindless and stupid is what comes to mind to describe this behavior. Someone is going to get hurt, especially at the Maple Hills and Avenue of the Giants intersection. They have worn a new road through there.

Oh, I know Caltrans will say that if they put big rocks there that they wouldn’t be able to mow. But if they don’t put something there, there won’t be anything to mow anyway. And what’s wrong with a weed eater? I’ve noticed that those areas are mowed only once a year anyway.

During the summer, gravel is sprayed across the road from various turn-outs causing a real road hazard for motorcycles and bicycles. I guess this person thinks they are doing some sort of "side show" like they do down in Oakland.

Well, take your little toy truck with the big wheels down there and pull this crap. I think everyone around here is pretty sick of you by now anyway.

Loreen Eliason

Myers Flat