Skyler Switzer

Skyler Switzer was taken from this earth too early; his journey to spread joy and enlighten people had just started. He turned the hardships of his life into an inspiration to help others, always giving and sharing.

He was a bright light in the lives of people around him and accepted everyone no matter the challenges they faced. Those who knew him will never forget his bright smile and unmistakable dimple. He was too young, too brave, and too special to be gone, he will live on forever in our will hearts and we will carry on his message of love.

A celebration of life will take place on Saturday, Feb. 16 at Heartwood starting at 2 p.m.

"I imagine you dancing through the heavens wearing a curly red wig, a boa wrapped around your neck. Your great-grandmother sees you and says, ‘Skyler, I’ve been waiting for you. I need you to take care of me.’ When I look at the stars the sky will be brighter. Your smile will lighten the sky and your laughter down out the thunder. You left your footprints on our hearts and your smile in our souls. There is no way to fill the void that you left behind. May you dance among the stars and look over us ad you did in your short life. Your light was warm and fragile and not strong enough to withstand the winds of pain. We love you," Grandma.