MARC very thankful for continuing support

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Mendocino Adventure Ropes Course (MARC), operated under the auspices of Leggett Valley Unified School District since 1995, I would like to thank the supporters, whether cash, in kind, or personal time, or all of the above, who helped with our fundraiser, operating the kitchen concession at the Mateel for the Women’s Winter Music Festival, Friday Jan 18.

Shanda Rial’s nudging launch and follow-through carried the day. In addition, thanks to Justin and Charity and the Mateel Community Center staff, of course, and the following individuals and local businesses: Erica Balcom-Storre, Nancy Best, Pam Braham, Sadie Gooch, Abby Holmes, Teresa Jayne, Tabitha and Charlotte Johnson, Wes and Kate Juliana, Jo and Stan Khougaz, Mike and Delina Losee, Jill and Julie Peacock, Electra Richards, Jan Riber, Cliff Skaggs, Tracy Speelman, Peggy VanSteen, Tivoli Wiley, the music lovers who patronized us, Community Cornerstone, Home Cooking, Drive Thru Tree, Shop Smart, Signature Coffee and if I’ve forgotten anyone, know you’re heartily appreciated.

After 17 years, much of the permanent installations of the course are in need of re-bolting due to tree growth. The education-funding crisis has impacted our traditional school group clientele and we look to increasingly engage other niches.

Do come check out our fun and skill building venue for challenge courses - challenge for sense of limits and/or to increase your comfort level. For contact information, scheduling a course, or further information go to

Nonae Sears

director, Mendocino Adventure Ropes Course