Don’t I have the same property rights?

To the Editor:

I would like to personally thank Paul Encimer, Debra Carey and anyone else who complained to the California Highway Patrol about John Casali stacking garbage along the side of the road. Because of your actions, the Eel River Clean-up Crew (John Casali and friends) will now have a major stumbling block in the way of keeping our streets and river clean.

For years John has provided employment for the very people you supposedly advocate for. For years John has cleaned up after the street people, transient population, travelers, whatever you want to call them, without any help from you, the very people who invite and support them being here.

I have two points to make in this letter: 1. Both Paul Encimer and Debra Carey live behind locked gates out of town... Paul in Piercy in Mendocino County and Debra in Miranda, in Humboldt County.

Why is it these people feel the need to live behind locked gates and who are they trying to keep out? Oh... I know. The same people they think should be able to trespass, deface, defecate/urinate, scream obscenities or pretty much have their way with the properties in or around town.

Don’t I have the same property rights as someone who lives in the hills? Aren’t the people who live in town just as entitled to clean drinking water as someone who has a private water source on their property? Aren’t my children just as entitled to safely play on our property in town as a child who was raised in the hills?

If you truly want to advocate for these people... take them home with you. I am tired of cleaning up after them. We find hypodermic needles, whip-it canisters, used condoms, empty bottles, etc. in the alley behind my office on a daily basis.

We have installed no trespassing/parking signs and had all the lights fixed numerous times in an attempt to curb the drug dealing back there, but they get ripped down and destroyed. We are now going to have to install cameras and/or gates. I don’t want locked gates.

Where are all the environmental groups in this? The encampments around town are a mess and when the rains come, all that mess goes right in the river. Where is EPIC or the Trees Foundation or Friends of the Eel River? Why are there no big lawsuits?

If this was Caltrans or a logging company, or a large rancher they would be coming out of the woodwork. If anyone has some answers for me, please reply via a letter to the editor or mail me at P.O. Box 177 Garberville, CA. 95542. All information used in this letter was gained through public record and is available to the general public.

Blake Lehman

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