Trees Foundation provides the second set of eyes

To the Editor:

Thanks from Eel River Recovery Project (ERRP) to Trees Foundation for their recent support with poster printing, paper supplies, and inspirational and technical support. ERRP’s vision and action gathering held yesterday [Sun., Jan. 20] at Krishnalaya, Piercy, CA was an absolute success, with a great turnout and vigorous productive, discussion.

Hats off to Pat and Diane Higgins who powerfully led us with sound scientific research on the Eel River itself and unstoppable commitment. Pat, a wildlife biologist, provided his research showing current data on salmon counts, among other things, and gave us the current snapshot, since he also showed data that was provided by other scientists, as far as the 1960s.

Some of the trends are encouraging. But we have work to do, in terms of how we interact with our ecosystem in order to support the current salmon rebound and the river’s health.

Larry Desmond provided both facilitation and expertise from his field of hydrology. There were other experts also leading and responding to discussion; too many to name individually.

And of course, there was a core team of dedicated volunteers diligently seeing to the necessary support. And they, in turn, supported by the efforts of every attendee, who willingly pitched in with the tasks of the day, from putting our work space together beforehand; to washing lunch dishes, during; to tidying up to commendable levels afterwards.

Many, many community members also stepped forth to serve on several key committees for activities for the coming year, including planning and conducting the educational and fun Water Day Festival held last year at Mateel Community Center, to monitoring toxic algae; to recording temperature and flow trends, with more projects in the pipeline. When I say ‘it was an amazing gathering’, there is no exaggeration.

I write of these things to let Trees Foundation and the Humboldt and Mendocino communities know the caliber of work that Trees organization helps our community to achieve. We thank Trees Foundation for their oversight and support, which frees ERRP up to dedicate our attention to ERRP’s core mission: restoration of health of the Eel River. Trees Foundation provides the additional second set of eyes that every organization of integrity appreciates.

Maureen McIver