Trainings offered for jobs in demand

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) employment and training division and College of the Redwoods have teamed up to develop several new training sessions in job categories that have a need for additional workers.

Courses focusing on front-line supervision, sales and customer service will be offered in March. Bookkeeping with an emphasis on payroll, as well as accounts payable and receivable, will be featured in May. Maintenance technician training will also be offered, but a date hasn’t yet been set.

"We’ve chosen to focus on these fields as we’ve learned there is a demand for people with these skills," said Connie Lorenzo, DHHS employment and training program manager. "We’ve talked to local employers and looked at labor data to identify the jobs in highest demand locally and believe the two- to six-month trainings will help job seekers prepare for these jobs and get back to work in short order."

According to the course description, front-line supervisors are needed in construction, farming, firefighting, food preparation, office support and retail sales. Students will learn how to plan workloads and supervise staff so tasks are completed.

Sales and customer service workers will learn how to handle new and established customers, provide information about product features and interest customers in buying items.

The training for bookkeeping will include the use of QuickBooks.

"Bookkeeping is work well suited to people who are comfortable with computers, are interested in working with details and like following set procedures and routines," Lorenzo said.

The maintenance technician training involves basic construction and repair work. It also provides an initial 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration training.

More information on all of the classes is available at