U.S. officials have killed more children than Lanza

To the Editor:

As the media focuses, hour after hour on the horrors of Sandy Hook (and I’m not knocking that), and how to prevent American-on-American gun violence here in the U.S., I ask you, who is the more monstrous killer of children and which kind of gun murder do we most urgently need to stop?

Is it another Adam Lanza killing the next set of Sandy Hook students, or the George W. Bushes, Bill Clintons, George H. W. Bushes, and the members of Congress that for two decades backed them, all of whom each are responsible for the horrific gun and explosives deaths, deaths from illegitimate sanctions, and the terrorizing for years and deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, hundreds of thousands more Iraqi adults, and the irradiation (from depleted uranium) of the Middle East which will devastate the lives of millions of future children? Same for the massacres and irradiation of children and adults in Afghanistan.

At this point, even Obama has now terrorized and murdered more Afghani children than Lanza terrorized and killed American children.

And before that with LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan in SE Asia and Latin America.... death squads. An American tradition.

If they’re not white American kids, at least middle class, we don’t care about them. Really care, in the sense of getting off our rear ends and actively engaging in society to do something about it.

I haven’t seen a single story in any mainstream media about that.

Far more children are massacred or horribly mangled each year by cars too, than by guns. And we do have a huge domestic gun problem. Don’t get me wrong about that.

Those are my priorities. You see, this is why Americans don’t see the U.S. as having already become a fascist nation. People will say, "but the Nazi’s rounded up gays and Jews and Catholics and labor organizers and communists and tortured and massacred millions of them in death camps. We don’t do that."

Oh, yes we do. It’s just that most of it is done outside of the borders of the USA in third world nations. And we do it purely to dominate the economies of those nations for our corporate overlords. For over 50 years the republicans and democrats running the federal government have massacred millions and millions of innocent people, including children and babies, they’ve poured billions of gallons of pollution on them, devastating their bodies and passing that genetic damage on to all their future descendants in these third world countries.

And it is done inside the USA, too. In my neighborhood homeless people have been rounded up and thrown in jail for being homeless. But it’s mostly prevalent domestically in the poorer and darker-skinned neighborhoods.

So if you live in the castle with the emperor, if you’re white-skinned, you at least, along with the dogs, always get the table scraps. It’s much worse for those outside the castle walls.

Thank you for your attention.

Andy Caffrey