Voter turnout figures were misleading

To the Editor:

In their section labeled "2012 year in review - Part I" the Redwood Times printed that Estelle Fennell had won the 2nd District Supervisors seat but went on to say "local voter turnout in June was only about 40%."

This is inaccurate. The statistics show that our local voter turnout in our 2nd District was actually quite high, from between 56% to 58%. And if you look at the overall turnout for just our 2nd District, it was almost 50%, which is pretty good for it being a June election. District 1 also had about a 50% turnout, but District 3 in Arcata had a low turnout of about 36%.

Our 2nd District usually has a pretty good record of turning out to vote.

Kathleen Creager


Editor’s Note: The statement is correct in that the 40% voter turnout was countywide, according to Humboldt County Registrar of Voters Carol Crnich. However, the figure was taken from a Times-Standard article and was not directed at Southern Humboldt. The Redwood Times apologizes for the misconception and did not mean to slight Supervisor Fennel in any way.