Seek to find good deeds to do

To the Editor:

Some people in church are more focused on the false messiah than on the real one. You’ll find Satan in the pulpit. Even in the Bible Satan causes trouble. I’m not caught up in some false Messiah. I love and seek God and Jesus.

When I mention the second coming, I don’t need a bunch of Negative Nellies. Seek Jesus and live a Christ-like life. We refer some of the narrow minds as church vanity. Get with the Holy Spirit. Seek to find good deeds to do.

These are diversions to not focus on Moshiach, the real Jewish Christian Messiah. There’s a lot of metaphors and mystical poetry in the Bible. The world is full of anti-Christs.

Throughout the Bible, Israel and Jah are mentioned every few pages with allegory and messages. The main thing emphasized is only people with eyes can see, and with ears can hear.

Dau Freitag