Questions to water board unanswered

To the Editor:

At my final board meeting in October as the manager/operator of the Phillipsville Water System, I expressed my opinion concerning the hiring of an administrative assistant to staff our office at the firehall for 15-20 hours a week. My concern is that we only take in less than $2,000 in the winter months (65 meters at $30 base charge) and we can’t afford to pay an assistant administrator and a manager/operator and all of our other bills with this income. We need to save money for emergencies and future upgrades.

I was told by our board president, Bonnie Mullaney, that "Phillipsville would soon be growing because the zoning in the flood plain down on the Phillipsville Loop Road was going to be changed to high density housing." She informed me that we would need someone in the office to sell new water hook-ups.

I discussed all of this at the October board meeting for at least 10 minutes. When I got a copy of the October minutes of that meeting none of the issues that I discussed were in the minutes. At the last meeting of the board I asked why my statements weren’t in the minutes. They told me that they would get back to me. They haven’t.

We are a community service district and board meetings have strict rules when it comes to documentation. Why are my opinions being censored? Whose agenda is the Phillipsville Community Service board trying to put forward?

Thomas Lasbury