Humboldt County celebrates 100 years of agriculture

Yana Valachovic, forest advisor and director of the Humboldt County UC Cooperative Extension Service, and Dona Moxon, historian and Humboldt County Farm Bureau director present "Centennial Celebration of Agricultural Organizations in Humboldt County" at the Humboldt County Historical Society program meeting on Saturday, Jan. 5 at 1 p.m., in the first-floor conference room of the Humboldt County Library, 1313 Third Street, Eureka. Admission is free and everyone is invited.

This program begins a year-long celebration of three important Humboldt County agricultural organizations that are celebrating 100 years of service this year: the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE), the Humboldt County 4-H Clubs, and the Humboldt County Farm Bureau.

Yana Valachovic and Dona Moxon will highlight the roles of each of these organizations in working with youth, commodity producers, and the community over the last 100 years. They will also preview the many events and presentations throughout 2013 that will celebrate our local agricultural community.

University of California Cooperative Extension was created a century ago to provide educational resources to American families. To deliver these resources, land grant universities partnered with counties and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to form what we now know as Cooperative Extension.

UCCE is dedicated to improving the quality of life of Californians by developing and delivering research-based information in agriculture and natural resources, and by supporting healthy families and communities. Youth related programs were established to support positive youth development through participation in 4-H Clubs.

The Humboldt County Farm Bureau is an agricultural organization, representing producers of livestock, timber, field crops, aquaculture, horticulture, and orchard crops, to name a few, and is dedicated to promoting and preserving agriculture in Humboldt County.

Please join Yana Valachovic and Dona Moxon in launching a year-long centennial celebration of Humboldt’s agricultural organizations. For more information please contact the Humboldt County Historical Society at 445-4342, or visit