Tickets for Petunia and the Vipers recording performance go on sale

Tickets are now on sale at The Works in Eureka, the Blue Moon in Garberville and the Riverwood Inn on the Avenue of the Giants in Phillipsville for the live recording/performance of Petunia and The Vipers. Show/recordings begin Thursday, Jan. 3 and will continue each night finishing on Sunday, Jan. 6. Shows will begin around 9 p.m.

Tickets for each night are only $10. Also available is an all performance pass for $30. Petunia encourages all honky-tonk, ragtime and yodeling fans to come on down to the Riverwood for one or all of the shows.

A film crew is also coming up from L.A. to cover this event. If you haven’t seen Petunia and the Vipers perform yet, then get on with it. They are going to start your New Year off with an ear-to-ear smile and happy feet.

For more information, call Loreen at 943-1766 or go to the web page at