Celebrate the end of the world at the Vet’s Hall Friday

You are invited to a Southern Humboldt celebration of the end of the world (as we know it). When else? The winter solstice Friday, Dec. 21, 2012. Where else? The Vet’s Hall in Garberville. The solstice is the day - according to Mayan watchers - when we all fall off the calendar.

Join friends and neighbors for a family spaghetti dinner at the hall from 6 p.m. on. Please bring plenty of food to share so that no one will go away hungry. Let’s fall into the now together.

Entertainment is guaranteed for the evening. The Preaching to the Choir Singers will encourage you to lend your voice to their traditional corporate Christmas carols. Old favorites will be featured like Little Town of Garberville and Hark the Corporate Hustlers Sing, along with new songs such as I saw Walmart firing Santa Claus.

Additionally, look for a special presentation of the Lennon/Ono Plastic Karaoke Opera - Merry Xmas - The War is Over. Be sure to bring musical instruments to add to the Jam On Orchestra.

The calendar isn’t the only institution we will be falling off of. There’s the economy, with cliffs galore. Take part in our shoe dropping ceremony as we await the crash of the free market clockwork coin-operated machine. Sequoia hours, local currency from another era, will be distributed to commemorate the anticipated death of the dollar economy.

As for the fall of that fabled perpetual motion machine - the U.S. Constitution - it has become so top-heavy with corporate money and military hardware it’s a case of "watch it don’t fall on you." Not that there is enough of it left to hurt anybody.

The philosopher said, "The end of a civilization is the end of an idea." In this case, the idea is civilization itself.

What better time to celebrate the coming Dark Age than on the longest night of the year? In this we can only imitate the Mayans and the Hopi who were wise enough to walk away from pretty impressive civilizations in favor of restoring the village. The Iroquois prophecy is that end times start when the trees start dying from the top down. Caltrans civil engineers have targeted redwoods in Richardson Grove for this very treatment.

Significantly, prophecies exist from Hindus, Buddhist, and Christian traditions all in agreement that the conclusive moment is near. Let’s celebrate this moment of now on Friday Dec. 21, starting with a meal at 6 p.m. and on into the night at the Vet’s Hall.