Mateel in financial danger again

To the Editor:

I believe the Mateel Community Center is in financial danger. The current board has squandered the finances, are building a venue on private property where they have already violated the terms of the contract by moving a caretaker onto the Arthur’s land and have held secret meetings with Tom Dimmick.

Now, at a public meeting we were told that the reserves are being used for ROTR. And just like the dark days of the Mateel the books are being closed to the membership.

It is easy to spot the board members who are using the center for their own gain, but we have the right to see our books and know what else is going on. I urge you to vote for your rights and elect new people to all three seats on the board and end this corrupt behavior.

I am angry at the way the current board is working in secret and I am sure I won’t fit in well if that kind of behavior is expected of me. I am not good at diplomacy, and I won’t stand aside when the board of directors denies the membership their rights. This criminal conspiracy must end.

I sent this statement to the Mateel in response to my nomination. I retracted my candidacy knowing I may not be able to perform the duties due to some health issues I am working on this winter. I believe it would be selfish to be on a board and not serve due to health problems.

I was on the board that fought Bruno and Dimmick in court. We put the money from the settlement into reserves to ensure the future of the MCC, not to repeat the same mistakes. We revived Reggae on the River and made it more profitable than ever.

Reggae on the River was a means to finance the Mateel. The current board has made the Mateel the means to finance Reggae, spending the reserves and once again putting the Mateel at risk. I think this is a real foolish plan fueled by ambition and envy.

Anyone with sense can see the changes coming to the pot industry and our sagging economy. Thanks to the current board the Mateel now faces a very uncertain future.

I will be voting for new leadership, not someone who was previously appointed and certainly not Agnes who once fought for peoples’ rights but now sits there grinning and bobbing her head like one of the dolls on a dashboard, denying access to the books. Please join me in voting for people with good sense, Rohn, Michael, and Garth.

Joe Hiney