Joy and peace -- a new start to a new calendar

The end of the Mayan Calendar, on 12-21-12, has sparked a lot of conversation, some trepidation and probably more parties than anything since Y2K. Jim Smith, of McKinleyville, saw it as an opportunity to "end the world as we know it and create something better."

Partnering with the hot local dance rock bands, NightHawk and Nebulawn Mower, a garage band, he is creating an evening of dance, food and celebration to benefit The Emma Center of Arcata, a local grass roots non-profit that provides healing and empowering services to women, especially survivors of abuse and trauma. This volunteer-driven organization is led by local experts in several fields: psychiatry, counseling, therapy, education and money and property management, all with the goal of creating a better tomorrow for women and children in our community.

The event will take place at the Arcata Playhouse on Friday, Dec. 21 where the party starts at 8 p.m. and keeps rockin’ till midnight. Volunteers from The Emma Center will be serving beer and wine for purchase, and bring finger foods to share. Donations will gladly be accepted at the door.

The Arcata Playhouse is located at 1251 9th St. in Arcata.

There will also be a sunset solstice ceremony at 4:51 p.m. at Klopp Lake at the Arcata Marsh.

For more information, contact The Emma Center at (707) 825-6680 or to donate online.