Community Cornerstone appreciates all of our supporters

To the Editor:

This letter goes out to our wonderful community. We like to take this time to thank everyone, not only for the support throughout the years, but indeed we are thankful to be an active part of our community as well. Neighbors helping and supporting neighbors. There is no question about the fact that these friendships enrich us all.

To begin it doesn’t start with the Redwood Summer Games but it is a large part of the support so many helping hands bring to such a worthy cause. Not only for the people at Cornerstone, but for the hundreds of people who also join us from southern and northern California. As always first and foremost the many volunteers who work so hard putting on this awesome event.

Thank you to our board members Nancy Thompson, Scott Bliss, Laurens Perry, Charlotte Johnson and Chris Valk.

Thanks to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, (Redwood Area Campground), Will and family, Don Charlton and all the board members who grant us the use of their beautiful camp.

Thanks to our loyal staff, Scott Trombla, Bob Lyon, Julie Lyon, Kathy O’Brien, Pam Van Hoek, Valerie Lasinsky, Janni Riber, Sadie Gooch, and Jessica Smith.

Thank you to the reason we do this, and for all of their hard work as well, Robert and Maria, Sarah, Steve, Renee, Marybeth, Cowboy, Cherokee, Sean, Laura, Cristy, Jody, Tabitha, Nick, R2-D2, Dennis, Cheryl, Michelle, Patrick, Shirley and Aaron.

Thanks to volunteers, Shanda Rial, all the kitchen workers, Malcolm and Ginger Campbell, Rochelle Defuentes, the Treasure Hunt gang, putting that together is no easy feat. Garberville Veterans Association, Lyons Club, Weott Volunteer Fire Dept, all the many people who come out to volunteer your time and share your love. All the buddies and volunteers do such an outstanding job.

To our supporters, All Sports Apparel and Sportswear, Betty Tekaat, Blue Moon Gift Shop, Bob Howard, Chautauqua Natural Foods, Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt, Copiers Plus, Emerald Technologies, Eureka Co-Op, Glen Haven, Gravier’s Chevron, Ferndale Fruit Stand, Forget Me Not, Foster Farms (Humboldt Creamery), Jack Flaws, Jessica Smith, Karen Miclette, H.E.R.O., Home Cooking, Humboldt Bay Packers, Humboldt Beer, Loreen Eliason, Malcolm Campbell, Michael Brown, Miclette’s Auto Repair, Missy and Jeff Wick, Napa Auto Parts, The Paper Mill, Pepsi Cola, Peter Mandon, Redway Feed and Garden, Redway Liquor, Redway Tires, Riverwood Inn, Shine On Custom Printed, Signature Coffee, Specialized Woodworks, Tyler Gooch, Woodrose Cafe, Wyckoff’s Plumbing, and Varsity Ice Cream.

Thank you to our entertainers Erma and Kaelea Boldt, Misty Christensen, Roddie Ross, Kurt Jensen Jr., Tom Frisbie, Twango Macallan, Tony Nester, Chris Brannan and Dana Robinson.

And it doesn’t stop there. To those who think of us throughout the year, we realize there are many worthy causes to support which makes your donations that much more special and appreciated. Thank you to the Community Garden, Dazey’s Supply, Garberville Veterans Association, Loreen Eliason, Malcolm Campbell, Mateel Community Center, Redway Feed and Garden, Redwood Times, Southern Humboldt Family Resource Center, The Shelter Cove Boys, Wyckoff’s Plumbing and for the many anonymous donations. Thanks to all who support our recycling program. If I have left anyone out, please join us at our annual Christmas dinner, Dec 21 at the Mateel Community Center noon to 2 p.m. and let us thank you in person.

Season greetings to all from all of us at Cornerstone.

Barbara Mandon