Two thumbs up for Garberville Theatre

To the Editor:

I am thrilled. It may be a simple small town pleasure, but my friend and I saw two great movies on two consecutive nights at the Garberville movie theater. What fun. The staff was zany, helpful, and caring. The popcorn was organically delicious. It was like a mini film festival.

The film Argo was stunning, moving and well produced. It portrayed the darkness of Iran right after the revolution with some light whimsical ingenuity. The frosting on the cake was how the heroes could not take credit for their heroic valor.

Seven Psychopaths is a brilliantly written script full of sacrilege and outrageous humor. It warms with a message of the self-confidence of accepting your own death. It all centers around a dog kidnapping. The movie is written in its own film.

Two thumbs up for Bridgette, Chris, and the super staff of the Garberville Theatre for helping keep this town a cultural place.

Dan Miller