Buy local this holiday season and attend our local craft fairs

We are fortunate to have a lot of talented, creative, resourceful, artistic people in this community. And although the essence of the holiday season is goodwill toward all, we have learned throughout the years to show others we care and want to help, by sharing gifts and services. We can do this by shopping local, hiring local, buying products made by local artists, and having repairs or services performed by our local residents.

This is true throughout the year, but especially during the holidays with all of the winter festivals and craft fairs throughout our wonderful county. Hand crafted gifts add a special flair to the holiday season and benefits our family and friends.

This winter, upstairs, at the Mateel Community Center’s Winter Arts Festival, Dec. 8-9 in Redway you can see two local resources combined together for affordable, usable art.

Local artist Layne Murrish, co-owner of Magnetic Memories, recently discovered the services of local business Lotus Mountain Custom Screen Printing, on Redway Drive next to Persimmons Garden Gallery. Helpful, friendly, local people made it possible for Layne to add ceramic coffee cups, travel mugs, water bottles, puzzles, ceramic tiles for trivets, and ornaments with her artwork on it to her existing products available for sale. Layne is also back with clothing with her artwork on it, printed locally thanks to Lotus Mountain.

Just in time for the holidays, the Positive Energy can Heal the Universe artwork by Layne, The Peaceful Painter, painted for one of the illustrations from the book Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker (written by Cyndie Lepori), will now also be available on hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, and a larger variety of children’s clothing.

Currently clothing with artwork by Layne Murrish, and the Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker book, can be found at Roberto’s in Garberville, Swain’s Flat Outpost in Carlotta. Anyone traveling through our county that doesn’t have time to go into one of our quaint local shops can check out her new website- (that was also created locally). Redwood Limb Frames and any woodwork for Layne’s art are handcrafted by Don Murrish, with wood remnants from their backyard.

Remember to shop local and have a happy holiday.

photo caption:

Here are some examples of products, with artwork by The Peaceful Painter and printed by Lotus Mountain (both from Redway) that will be available at booth No. 39 at the Mateel Community Center’s Winter Arts Fair this weekend.