Many thanks from ISF for wonderful celebration

To the Editor:

The Institute for Sustainable Forestry would like to thank and send fond appreciation to many folk who helped make our 22nd birthday celebration and forestry seminar such a memorable success on Nov. 10 at the Vet’s Hall in Garberville.

The forestry panel members, Walter Smith, Greg Blomstrom, Peter Tittmann and Tim Metz were facilitated by Doug Fir in an active and informative forestry seminar on the past and future of California forestry. Topics covered a remembrance of Jan and Peggy Iris and ISF’s founding, ISF’s successes in sustainable forest certification, forester training, public outreach workshops, hardwood utilization and seminal research in forest harvest practices. The audience participated fully in discussions ranging from biomass utilization and bio char production to water, soil and forestland conservation issues. ISF has collaborated to help with the establishment of the Usal Forest, now community owned by Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc. (RFFI). Usal has expanded dramatically the community owned forest-land acreage. RFFI is implementing many of the ISF envisioned sustainable forest practices.

With active audience participation, future visioning for ISF included many subjects: branding Northcoast forest products for higher value, promoting a combined bioenergy wood mill with bakery or brewery as a local energy plant. Electricity and heat from a local bio mass system for a hospital or school was seen as possible. Furthering the long-term growth of the forests through sustained yield practices was broadly supported.

The ISF board presented the Jan Iris Memorial Award to local woodworker, long time ISF executive director and tech guru John Rogers for years of service in all dimensions furthering the cause of sustainable working forests. John graciously accepted his tan oak staff without any public discussion of his newest carbon sequestering theories.

As a splendid complement to the collegiality of old forest loving friends, Allyson Mitchell prepared and served simply elegant hors d’oeuvres and lasagna. Dave Kahan and Sandy Tillis helped seamlessly. Eel River Brewery provided delicious, organic beer and Greenwired Solar donated the wine.

Our wonderful entertainment commenced with local bluegrass duo Ken and Maria Jorgenson and ended with folk guitarist Jan Bramlett rocking the house. David Simpson, forest activist and long-time ISF president reminisced on past timber wars and their victories in between music sets. Video recording was done by Munson of Dancing Raven.

Many thanks go out to local businesses who donated to the silent auction: Organic Grace Natural Building, Wyckoff’s Plumbing, Greenwired Solar Solutions, Almquist Lumber, Humboldt Fasteners, Whitethorn Winery, Arco Iris Woodworking, and Lamport Paralegal.

Many thanks to all.

Chip Tittmann,

Secretary ISF