Youth Football had another great year

To the Editor:

As another year comes to an end I am grateful for my small community. Southern Humboldt Youth Football managed to have a field of three, full football teams and two cheer squads.

We had a year riddled with injuries and setbacks but we showed up to play every week and played hard.

The double A football team made it to round two of the playoffs. The double A cheerleaders won in competition.

I couldn’t have pulled off the year without the help of my board of directors: VP, Janice Coffelt; treasurer, Elisa Hendershot; fundraiser, Cinnamon Paula; and cheer coordinator, Annie West.

Thanks to the coaching staff, Dave Rath and Brian Paula, single A; Corky Coffelt and Brett Van Meter, double A; and Mike Roberts triple A.

Thank you to cheer coaches, Stephanie Forman, Lori Ruiz, Season Piñeda, and mascots, single A and double A. Thank you to Shondra Moser and Sabrina Miclette, cheer instructors.

Thank you to everyone who worked the snack shack and who did six play and chains. Without you we couldn’t have home games. Thank you Andy Olsen for allowing us to use the field and always making sure it was marked. Thank you to Cal Fire, Tim Olsen, Chessie Carpenter, and Tony Wilson for the countless hours of EMT volunteer work you put in.

Thank you Cole Moody for giving up your Sundays to run the clock. If I have forgotten anyone I am sorry. But know I am grateful for your help and dedication.

Awards night will be Wednesday, Nov. 28 at the Redway School gym at 6:30 p.m. It’s potluck style. Thank you everyone.

Tivoli Wiley

President Southern Humboldt Youth Football