The election is over

Light & Salt

By Evelyn King

Light & Salt is not a political column, but I do have to note that after many millions of dollars spent on advertising, tens of thousands of miles in travel, and thousands of hours of speaking, nationally we end up right where we were before Nov. 6.

Here in California, however, we seem to still put education as a priority and do not want to disband death row. We do not, as a state, care about GMO labeling in the format presented and we are not ready to give ourselves a break on car insurance rates. Methinks a lot of "no" votes had to do with lack of understanding. When in doubt: vote "no."

I find myself numb today (Wednesday the 7th). It has dawned on me that a lot of my trust and faith in our electoral process has evaporated with the constant coverage of polling place abuses.

The YouTube and facebook photos make it real, and not just rumor, that rules and laws to prevent pressuring voters in the voting booth are at times being abused. With some races coming down to a hundred or less vote differences, our future direction sometimes does not get the unfettered chance it is supposed to have. (And give me a paper ballot to leave a written trail, please.)

The abuses appear to be more examples of basic human nature and our drive to have everything "my way." Some people are always willing to step over the boundary lines set for civil living in community in order to help themselves at the expense of others.

We have not been able to educate competition and power seeking out of our natures. We have not been able to reward our way into honest and compassionate behaviors, despite all attempts to do so. It is only when we look outside ourselves to a higher reality - a higher power with absolute truths and consequences that we recognize how short we fall from perfection.

Like an archer, we miss the mark more often than we like to admit. That is why I am so grateful to be able to fall back on the God I know through the Biblical New Testament. He/She is ready and willing to pick me up, dust me off, and let me try again without having to beat myself up with guilt and un-forgiveness. There is a freedom there that restores my soul.

It also lowers my blood pressure and makes me shower a lot of love around to others. You might want to try calling on the God I am talking about and see what happens. It does not take ritual or any specific words or actions. It just requires an open conversation that can begin as simple as, "Hello there, I haven’t tried relying on you before now." Then talk from your gut about what is going on and what your needs are. You might be very surprised at what doors open around you.

May you have a delightfully memorable Thanksgiving this week.

And, finally, with a shrug I ask you, "Who is John Galt?"

Evelyn King is a preaching elder at the Community Presbyterian Church with graduate work in values education from San Francisco Theological Seminary and a BA in psychology/social science. She is a past director of the Healy Senior Center and the facilitator of senior fitness exercise.