Briceland fire district to hold its first meeting

The newly formed Briceland Fire District board will hold its first official meeting Nov. 20 at 6 p.m. at the Beginnings Community Center in Briceland. Carolyn Crnich, county recorder will be present to swear in the newly elected board of directors as the first order of business, followed by election of board officers. Directors to be sworn in are Jim Courtois, Gerald Myers, Leib Ostrow, Peter Ryce and Jerry Sevier. The public is cordially invited to attend.

The business agenda will primarily focus on preparation of the charge list that will result in amended April 2013 property tax bills for district landowners. This will include discussion of exemptions for financial hardship and for combining contiguous parcels that meet certain criteria.

Formation of the district, which encompasses 28,172 acres around Briceland, was initiated well over a year ago by the Briceland Volunteer Fire Department. Considerable homework performed by volunteers resulted in Humboldt Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) passing Resolution 11-08 on November 16, 2011. A special election with mail-in ballots was held in August 2012 with 217 of the eligible 477 voters in the district approving the formation of the district by a very substantial 85%. Final certification of completion of district formation was filed by LAFCo with the county recorder September 25, 2012. This first district board meeting will put wheels under the paperwork to allow the Briceland Fire Department a stable base for fixed expenses while still requiring additional volunteer fund raising efforts to meet the department’s annual budget needs.

photo caption:

Briceland Fire District’s new board members, from left to right, Jerry Sevier, Jim Courtois (back row) Gerald Myers, Lieb Ostrow, and Peter Ryce.