CR to offer Medical Assisting training; learn more at Nov. 15 informational meeting in Eureka

College of the Redwoods is offering a free informational meeting for all people interested in learning more about attending classes to become a Certified Medical Assistant. Medical Assisting class starts Jan. 16, so people who are interested are asked to attend the meeting on Thursday, Nov. 15 from 3 to 5 p.m. at CR’s Eureka Downtown Site, 333 Sixth St., to learn about the program.

People become Medical Assistants for various reasons. Current CR Medical Assistant student Melissa Davis said, "For me, Medical Assisting is a stepping stone to a career in Nursing or as a Physician’s Assistant." Another current CR Medical Assisting Student, Theresa Zimmerman, said, "I’ve been a CNA for 30 years and am ready for a higher level of training."

CR will be offering Medical Assisting in addition to its other Health Occupations programs. The medical assisting class will cover skills for both front office and back office work and will include basic patient care, EKG’s, injection and venipuncture certificates and more. Experience in medical assisting can provide entrance into other health care-related careers.

CR will offer this class through CR’s Business Training Center to support the community’s need for skilled medical assistants. The CR Business Training Center provides focus on increasing the employment related skills of the College’s workforce by providing appropriate practical training to present and future employees.

The 13-week class will include classroom training, laboratory practice, and a clinical externship in a local healthcare facility. Upon successful completion of the class, students will sit for the national medical assisting examination. After achieving national certification, graduates will be able to work in medical offices and other healthcare facilities.

"This is a rigorous career class that is doable but requires lots of hard work, support from your family so you have time for class and studying." says student Bethany Shirk. Student John Nathanial said, "This is probably the hardest course I’ve ever done, but I am meeting the challenge and having fun. Because this profession is mostly female I believe that there is a real niche for men."

More information about the Medical Assisting informational meeting is available at, in the community education link or call 707-269-4000.

photo caption:

CR Medical Assisting students practice bandaging techniques.