Voices that Heal to be shown in Redway

The documentary Voices that Heal will be shown Tuesday, Nov. 13 in Redway at the Mateel Community Center. This free event is being sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Mental Health Services Act.

Bay Area director Alex Goldenberg will be available for questions at the event. Members of the group, Seeds of Understanding Speakers Collective will hold a panel discussion after the film. The collective is a group of community members who have volunteered their time to raise awareness about mental health challenges, stigma and discrimination.

The film features interviews with six people, including Goldenberg, whose personal stories shed light on mental health and the experience of being labeled as having a mental illness. Film promoters say the stories reflect on larger human concerns - that mental health is a part of everyone’s lives and that everyone faces challenges.

"The goal for the film is to show that a particular aspect of our life experience - that is, having been diagnosed with and treated for mental illness - is not only a minute fraction of our humanity and spirit, but also that it need not be a lifelong, chronic condition," Goldenberg said. "What allowed me to heal from these issues is when I realized that I have the freedom to choose how I design, perceive and address myself and my life experience, as we all do."

The courage and generosity of sharing the struggles and triumphs over mental health challenges is a transformative experience, for those who participated in the film and those who watch it, said Goldenberg.

The Mateel Community Center is located at 59 Rusk Lane in Redway. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the program starts at 7 p.m. For more information, contact Karen Diers at Kdiers@co.humboldt.ca.us or 441-5553.

photo caption:

Voices That Heal is a documentary movie directed by (standing) Alex Goldenberg, right, and filmed by Amy Demmon. It features six interviews, which offer personal insights into the lives of (seated, from left) Bram Goodwin, Idell Wilson, Julia Bernbaum (AKA Eve Penn), David Elliott Lewis and Eric W. McClendon.