President should do more to slow warming of planet

To the Editor:

One week before the presidential elections and we may elect a snake oil salesman from Wall Street. Mitt doesn’t believe climate change is caused by CO2 emissions. I am writing this letter at the same time the east coast is getting slammed by a freak late hurricane, this plus a summer of fires and drought throughout the country.

The only time I heard one of the two major candidates mention global warming was Barak Obama, and that was an interview on MTV. The fate of civilization hangs in the balance and we aren’t doing much to confront the problem.

I wish the president was talking and doing more to slow the warming of the planet, but he is also a politician and wants to be reelected. Jimmy Carter said we would have to sacrifice during the Arab oil embargo and look what happened to him.

We as a nation are going to have to wake up and make some big changes in the way we treat this planet. Our economy isn’t going to get better if we destroy the environment we live in.

Thomas Lasbury