James C. Dangler

James [Jimmy] C. Dangler was born November 19, 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio. Jimmy Dangler died October 13, 2012. He had had a stroke in March of 2005 and in September 2012, he had a brain bleed. He was 64 years old.

Jimmy’s father and grandfather went to Yale and the family also expected him to go there. Instead, he went to the University of California at Berkeley in the sixties and he was grateful, as it changed his life for the better, even if he did not graduate.

Jimmy moved up to Southern Humboldt in his early twenties, bought land out in Ettersburg with partners, built a little house by himself and lived on the land for years. He moved into Garberville when he opened Singing Salmon, a music store that morphed into other activities as well. Jimmy had a recording studio and recorded and produced for local artists including Rod Deal and the I-Deals. He had a sound reinforcement company called Mateel Sound Company and provided sound and engineering for local gigs for many years along with Reggae on the River, Summer Arts Festival and many more too numerous to name.

Jimmy is probably best known as a founding member, along with many others, of Reggae on the River. He worked Reggae for 22 years until his stroke.

Barbara was the love of Jimmy’s life and they married on May 9, 1999 at their home outside of Rio Dell. Even though Jimmy moved out of Southern Humboldt, he remained connected with it through his store, sound gigs, and Reggae. He was a member of the Mateel board when he had his stroke and had been treasurer of the organization for years. He loved the community. Outside of that and his wife and friends, Jimmy loved golf and music.

Jimmy is survived by the following people. His mother, Susan Wilson and her husband, Richard Wilson; wife, Barbara Peavey; stepdaughter, Jordan Peavey and her husband, John Felt; son, Aaron Dangler and his wife, Alejandra Dangler and their two children, his grandchildren, Cody and Jake; sister, Dana Heald and her husband, Larry Heald and their daughter, Sierra Heald; brother, Charles Dangler and his wife, Jeanne Dangler, and their children, Chip Dangler and Mary Dangler; and sister, Terri Sobeski, and her children, John Sobeski and Kimmie Sobeski.

He was preceded in death by his father, James C. Dangler.

A wake/party is being held for Jimmy at Beginnings on Saturday, Nov. 10 from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. Beginnings is in Briceland, which is in Southern Humboldt on the road to Shelter Cove, about four miles west, on the right. There will be balloons and a sign at the entrance. If you need further information, please call 707-223-1477 or 707-923-4599.