I just wanted to save the funny show

To the Editor:

When P.B. left Thank Jah on KMUD, the show was not discontinued. Next, after Fred left that same show, the show was not discontinued. Owl kept everything going.

Meanwhile my show with Sally got discontinued. I pleaded with Mary Ann to put the show on since I’m still here.

Sally invented the Fringe Area. Toward the end she was missing her shows. I asked to put the show in my name in order to save it. Her idea should not be lost.

We were the only comedy show except for Thank Jah.

I looked depressed.

Mary Ann thought I was trying to rip the show off from Sally. Sally gave me permission to keep doing the Fringe Area.

She played music and we clowned around. The idea was like something spontaneous could occur on that great show. I started singing on that show. We would sing along with the music, or play flutes or drums.

I’m hereby begging KMUD to put the Fringe Area on the air again. I’m still here. Everyone call KMUD.

Sally and I are still best friends. I have never stopped thinking she was God on the airwaves. Of course, she would like to keep her ideas going. I wanted them to put the show in my and Sally’s name so it could continue.

Lisa is a musician and is very funny. She is even whacky at times. I could train her. My friend Rich can be my engineer. Also, I’m doing music with Lisa on the air. She’s funny as all heck with her Sicilian blood and Jewish. She’s musical, talented and funny. The Fringe Area covers any caller to play or sing along, listeners singing on the phone.

Give me the green light and Lisa and I can be working on listening to genius shows I did with Sally. People could call in and talk, also. Anything goes.

I just wanted to save the funny show. But Sally is too busy. All she can do is go to college.

I looked myself up on the Net. It said, in an area of overly serious people, Dau Freitag is the only comedian.

Some VIP big shots make these decisions. Treat me like you treat Thank Jah, and Owl.

Dau Freitag