Measure L at work on Miranda campus

Fences arrived on campus at South Fork High School last Monday for the beginning of the "School within a School" project which will ultimately house the seventh and eighth grade students.

The project contains four separate buildings, which will create a quad area with a volleyball court and half of a basketball court for student use during breaks and lunch. There is also a raised seating area where assemblies and school meetings could be held outside. This area will also provide general seating for lunch and break times.

When the project is complete, it will add eight classrooms, an office, student restrooms and staff restrooms to the campus. The construction is scheduled for completion next summer. Initially, the high school students will be housed in the new buildings while the existing wings are modernized. Within a few years, the seventh and eighth grade students will finally have a home of their own.

photo caption:

Nick Boyd, SHUSD maintenance department, Dirk Dinsmore, contractor; Lisa Gray, SFHS principal and Catherine Scott, superintendent, stand in front of the future home of the "School within a School."