From the Redwood Record of Sept. 13, 1979

The Garberville-Redway Chamber of Commerce took another look at Garberville’s parking situation and made plans to survey public opinion on the question of parking limits.

A survey that was planned to be in the Redwood Record would poll residents and businesses on their preference for a one or two hour parking limit.

At the time, Garberville’s parking spaces were limited to one hour by county ordinance, and had been enforced by a parking enforcer since July 30.

The local Chamber’s board of directors generally agreed that enforcement of the current statute had resulted in parking being available in the valuable spots.


Outraged teachers confronted the school board of trustees during the budget meeting for the 1979-1980 school year. The budget included substantial increases over the previous year’s budget allotment for supplies, materials and maintenance but allowed for only minor salary raises for district employees.

The more than 30 teachers at the meeting were on hand in support of a Southern Humboldt Teachers Association letter expressing outrage over the condition of teacher salaries. The letter said the SHTA membership was unanimous in rejecting the administration’s contract proposal.

The SHTA said the certified employees of the district were offered an average salary increase of under four percent. The organization said teachers had received no raises the previous year and noted that the national inflation rate during the time since their last raise in 1977 had been in excess of 23%.

Both the certificated and classified employee groups sought 20% salary increases in initial contract proposals.

The SHTA letter demanded an acceptable commitment by the board by Oct. 1, 1979 or the teachers of the district would be forced to act, they said.


Signs and other business construction along the Avenue of the Giants from Phillipsville to Redcrest were threatened with demolition for encroaching on state rights-of-way.

About 30 commercial establishments along the 20-mile stretch of the Avenue had been granted a 30-day extension on an order by Caltrans to move their signs and artwork.

The red-tagging of the businesses’ properties along scenic Route 254 began after a complaint was filed with the state department of transportation alleging that a new sign at a Miranda restaurant was in violation of the state rights-of-way. Subsequently, the restaurant’s owner reportedly informed Caltrans that he was not the sole offender along the avenue and provided the state agency with a list of potential signing violators.

Along the Avenue of the Giants, the state either owned or enjoyed easements on roadside property of varying distances between 20 and 50 feet from the highway’s centerline.

While many of the business signs had stood close to the roadway for years, all the red-tagged signs along the old highway apparently did encroach on the state right-of-way.


College of the Redwoods Southern Humboldt Branch Campus offered more than 31 classes that started in September. The woodworking class and the Home Food Preservation class were the only classes that required a $2 to $3 fee.