Please rescind the emergency ordinance

To the Editor:

Here is a letter I would like to share that I sent to the board of supervisors of Humboldt County:

Our country is in crisis. There are many causes but a few stand out above the others. Our lack of health care, lack of money for our schools, homelessness, foreclosures, bailing out the banks, destruction of the ecosystem, all relate to our uber-economic system of privatization of that which should be in the public domain.

Banking, health care, infrastructure, police, prisons, firemen and ambulances - these kinds of things are why we have societies in the first place. There are things that are in the public domain. That is what is called a "civil society."

These things are being auctioned off to the highest bidder. What do you think will be the result? Do we have better health care as the result of privatization? Do we have better run prisons now that they are owned by a corporation? Do wars ever end now that even the military is privatized? Do you think education should be privatized?

Here’s something to think about: When more money is made making war, more war will be made. When more money is made treating sick people, more people will be sick. When more money is made selling gasoline, more gasoline will be sold. When more money is made treating breast cancer, more breast-cancer-causing chemicals will be produced.

Now enter the Occupy Movement, inspired by the Arab Spring and our own similar predicament. All across the country people are camping at the doorstep of their capitols and institutions to demand a little fairness for most of humanity from the powerful elites and their cling-ons.

The police are instructed to use a brutal show of force in order to quell the "uprising." Their military training is obvious. Police training is conducted by such firms as Blackwater, now called XE or whatever. Police brutality is on the extreme upsurge in the U.S.A.

Okay, now right here in Humboldt County we have had shameful incidents of officers using levels of force, which were way over the top of a reasonable response.

There have been, evidently, incidents of someone that the county associated with the occupiers who pooped on the lawn in front of the courthouse. And another incident in which a courthouse-goer was accosted and threatened by a person associated with the occupiers. There probably were many more complaints to the county. But upon closer examination, it turns out, from what I gathered, that only two individuals were responsible for the behavior, which lead to the emergency ordinance. And these individuals are known to have mental problems.

It is the county’s responsibility to provide services for the mentally ill. So the reason for the emergency ordinance is based on a problem which has been caused by the county’s lack of response to the needs of Humboldt County citizens.

Getting back to the whole reason for the Occupy Movement in the first place, why couldn’t the county board of supervisors just use a little Aikido, as I understand it, and show them (the occupiers) that you understand their concerns and are with them.

There is no one in the Occupy Movement that has harmful intentions for our country; on the contrary, they obviously want some positive changes and as the board of supervisors of Humboldt County, you could step forward and be part of the solution by considering what the concerns are and addressing them at the county level. Wow! You could be heroes.

As long as you wield the power of your post with such Constitutionally questionable sequestrations of free speech such as the emergency ordinance, you will remain irrelevant if not absurd.

As a veteran who fought for these things, please rescind the emergency ordinance.

Bud Rogers, veteran