I have good reasons to support Estelle

To the Editor:

On June 5th, I am voting for Estelle Fennell for 2nd district supervisor. Normally, I am not a very political person (although I do often wonder about the wisdom behind a speed limit of 30 MPH on Redway Drive and 25 MPH on Briceland Road, but I digress...) however I have good reasons to support Estelle.

When the school district held a special meeting in January to discuss the total elimination of bus transportation from the budget, both Clif and Estelle were there. Estelle stood up and said we needed to take this fight all the way to Sacramento. Clif sat in the audience with members of Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA), the business that would possibly help with our transportation needs should the buses truly be cut.

While I appreciate Clif’s attempt to problem-solve, I have a real problem with the ease with which he accepted the loss of 14 jobs in Southern Humboldt. HTA could not have come anywhere close to serving the needs of our outlying families, let alone the families in town. This was a political fight for us, and Clif was not rising to that occasion.

Estelle was with SHUSD and the community the entire way, all the way to the steps of the capitol building in Sacramento. It was a fight we needed to wage, and thankfully we won (for now, I know). I believe Estelle will continue her earnest interest in the wellbeing of our community. We need someone who will lead, and lead the fight if necessary. Times will not be getting any easier, and Southern Humboldt needs a person who will vigilantly protect and support our community.

That person is Estelle Fennell.

Jennifer Kubik