School days receipts add up to help Whale Gulch School

To the Editor:

Whale Gulch School would like to thank AmeriGas for the School Days Receipts donation to our school. We will use it for classroom books and supplies. It comes at a perfect time and will soften some of the cutbacks we are experiencing.

We appreciated the personal visit by Lynn and Ejon. They certainly went the extra mile. Also, thanks so much to Ejon for troubleshooting our heater problem. It is not every manager that carries tools and will get down on the floor for a customer. By the way, Ejon, it is now fixed.

I also want to commend all the service people in the Redway office. Dave is an excellent driver and delivery man. He knows so much about propane systems and is always helpful if we have any questions. I am so glad that Charles is back. He serviced our refrigerator this month and it is working like new again. Lynn is always helpful, kind and efficient. You have a great team.

I never believed that these little receipts would really add up to a significant amount, but they did. Please save your School Days Receipts on your bill and bring them to your favorite school. We will all benefit.

For the children,

Sandra Tilles,

Site Coordinator for Whale Gulch School