Eleven-year-old earning money for a computer

Cooper Henderson was looking through a catalog and found a really nice laptop computer.

"It was $499 and you could pay that in full or you could pay $29 a month and pay it off that way. I decided that instead of using my parents’ money, I could work it off myself."

She made up some handwritten signs for the local bulletin boards advertising that she was available to hire for odd jobs.

"At first I was thinking of yard work because that’s what most people want," Cooper says, "but then this lady said she would pay me to put photos in a photo album, so now I say anything. Say, you have a messy room, I can pick up everything and organize it really nice, so it looks like a brand new room."

Mom Inez Cohen says the odd job idea was entirely Cooper’s creation. Cooper is a real self-starter and already helps out at Mom’s workplace, Earp’s Subway sandwich shop, after school.

"She likes earning money," Mom says, "and she knows it doesn’t grow on trees, that it’s hard to come by and that you have to earn it."

Mom will be vetting all job offers for Cooper, and says they need to be in the Garberville-Redway area. The phone number to call is 707-923-2318.

Cooper is a student in good standing at Redway Elementary School. She is in the sixth grade and gets threes and fours (the equivalent of B’s and A’s) on her report card.