Luciano and friends spread the word at CD release party

Truly inspired ambassadors for Jah graced the Mateel Community Center with their CD release party on Sunday February 17.

The evening began at 8 p.m. with doors opening and a delightful cuisine coordinated by Andrew Perrone with the help of several apprentices. A main entrée of organic, boneless, jerk chicken or seasoned pan-fried rock fish with Caribbean rice and peas and wheat bread and butter was served.

Once Southern Humboldt's bellies were well fed the stage began to warm up with the positive vibrations of Stevie Culture.

Despite some technical difficulties with sound the music began to reach the people and the crowd began to boogie.

Stevie Culture shares, "My philosophy is people should be happy and whatever you do to make yourself happy that's your happiness and you should do it because nobody can make you happy only you can make you happy for yourself."

A vibrational introduction announced, "The official wait is over, because the messenger is here, all the way from Jamaica, make some noise for Luciano."

The crowd remained patient as the sound found it's way to the house speakers. Once Luciano's guitar became audible to all, a sincere appreciation of his message began to take form. The crowd united in awe as he strummed his acoustic guitar and began singing from his heart.

"Humboldt County has always been one of my favorite spots in California for many things, more than one reason -- people are mellow and they really love good music and the natural habitation is so great." This was just a piece of the promotional tour for his new album, "Jah is my Navigator." Luciano states, "So we had to come and release in Humboldt with our blessings." The actual show will be held April 6 at Arcata Community Centers ‘Irie Aloha - Jam Jam. Luciano ended our talk sharing, "Brother Mikey General has been a true source of support for me. I give thanks to god. It is amazing when our two voices blend together."

In a discussion with Mikey General he shared that he has been coming to Humboldt County for almost ten years now. "It's been all good, you know, I always love it here, the music, the people, and the herbs, it's always good up here. The people up here are always so lovely."

Mikey General also has a new album "Confidence in Self." The message is about believing in yourself. "In order to realize your dreams, in order to make what you want to happen you have to believe in yourself, push on and have faith that God will bless you and bless the world and open the door for you," states Mikey General. "So that's the message and the songs on it talk and highlight these things." For example in the song "Jah Time" you must wait on Jah... wait on him to execute his judgement and in "Nothing too Hard for the Lord" resonates that there is nothing impossible to God.

While on stage, Mikey General told the audience that the Mateel is one of his favorite places in all of America.

Together they paid tribute to Marley and sang an incredible rendition of "Redemption Song." An encore of three songs took place following the stage announcing "Jah is my Navigator" and the crowd responding "In stores now."

And in closing Luciano said, "I just want to bless the people of Humboldt County and let them know that messenger loves you always and always be coming to sing for you. Stay strong and get your copy of ‘Jah is my Navigator'."