GSD wasted $40,000 of ratepayers money

To the Editor

I wanted to remind my neighboring property owners about what was publicly said by Jennie Short, speaking on behalf of the Garberville Sanitary District Board of Directors at the September 24th GSD board meeting, that was not included in the newspapers or KMUD news; how much money GSD has spent trying to justify the Southern Humboldt Community Park, included in the GSD district boundary to receive water.

In front of the GSD board, when asked, Short said $40,000. The next time you get a water bill from GSD remember that. If you wonder why you got a rate increase in your water bill think about that. The next time you get a future rate increase in your water bill, remember that. GSD has now wasted $40,000 of ratepayers money and for what?

Either way, it shows how much the GSD board thinks about its ratepayers and how much the GSD board thinks about the river. In both cases, it’s only a cash cow and a income stream, nothing else.

Now ask yourself, how much of that $40,000 did the park board chip in? Not one red cent, the GSD board voted not to charge the park board a dime, because they were a community benefit, just like GSD. I guess that benefit is on the other foot, the ratepayers foot.

Ed Voice and Voice Family