Recycled Youth artistic director bids farewell

I am writing to let people know that this will be my last year as artistic director of the Recycled Youth Teen Theatre program at Mateel Community Center. This is my 20th year as artistic director and it is simply time for me to pass the torch. Fortunately, there are local theatre artists who are interested in seeing the program survive into the future. I am writing to invite all of you to come out to this year’s original play with music, “Showdown in Mudville, A New Tale of the Old West,” because it is my last show, and for other reasons.

First of all, it would help the Mateel Community Center, which has been partially funding the program for a number of years. As most of you know, Mateel is in financial straits at this time. Coming out to support Recycled Youth will help cover the costs of this year’s show and encourage us to believe that the program can remain viable in times to come.

The program has been a life changing experience for many teens over the past twenty years, empowering them to do things they may not have done, according to numerous alumni we have spoken to. Large audience attendance at this time of transition will show potential grantors that the community values the program.

In our small rural community, it’s wonderful that local businesses and individuals have chosen to help make Recycled Youth possible. It’s wonderful that Mateel has chosen to support the arts and our youth. And it’s wonderful when you come out and give your support! Young people and even old fogies (like me) who don’t get out much will enjoy the show. Thanks for a great 20 years!

Joani Rose, Redway